First Chair of the Military Committee to attend Indo-Pacific Chiefs of Defence Conference

  • 28 Jul. 2022 -
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  • Last updated: 28 Jul. 2022 12:06

From 25 to 27 July 2022, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the Military Committee attended the 24th annual Indo-Pacific Chiefs of Defence Conference in Australia. On the sidelines of the conference, he met with NATO Partners’ Chiefs of Defence of Australia, Japan and Mongolia, the Vice-Chief of Defence of the Republic of Korea as well as the Commander of the United States Indo-Pacific Command.

Group photo at the Indo-Pacific Chiefs of Defence Conference

Hosted by the US Indo-Pacific Command in cooperation with the Australian Defence Forces, the conference aims to provide participants with a forum to discuss mutual security challenges, improve mutual relationships and foster security cooperation. This year’s topics focused on regional developments, the impact of climate change, new technologies and the war in Ukraine on the region.

The 2-day conference was an opportunity for the 30 Chiefs of Defence in attendance to strengthen their ties as well as exchange views and best practices on topics of common interest. “As the first Chair of the NATO Military Committee to ever attend this conference, it was a great honour to be included, but it also demonstrates the new reality that global problems require global solutions. We were able to share very interesting perspectives on common issues that we are all facing. Destabilising situations in the Indo-Pacific can easily have an effect in the Euro-Atlantic Region, and vice versa. Only by working together can we tackle these threats and work on viable and lasting solutions”, summarized Admiral Bauer.  

On the side-lines of the conference, Admiral Bauer met with the Australian Chief of Defence, General Angus Campbell, the Chief of Staff of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, General Koji Yamazaki, the Chief of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Ganzorig Dovchinsuren and the Republic of Korea’s Vice Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lieutenant General Wong Park. “Following the outcomes of the NATO Summit, we are looking forward to strengthening our dialogue and practical cooperation with existing Partners and potential new ones. Working more closely together will make us safer and more secure”, Bauer concluded.

In his discussion with Admiral Chris Aquilino, Commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral Bauer explored the ongoing maritime challenges in the region, especially when it comes to freedom of navigation and sea lines of communication.