NATO training mission arrives in Iraq

  • 14 Aug. 2004 -
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  • Last updated: 03 Nov. 2008 23:25

The core of NATO’s Training Implementation Mission in Iraq arrived in Baghdad on 14 August to identify best methods for training Iraqi forces and start training selected headquarters personnel.

The core of the NATO Training Implementation Mission in Iraq (NTIM-I) departed Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples today and arrived in Iraq. The Alliance, through the NTIM-I, will contribute to the goal shared by the entire international community: to help Iraq provide for its own peace and security.

The NTIM-I is led by Major General Carel Hilderink of the Netherlands and initially comprises approximately 50 officers and NCOs from several NATO nations. The team has been drawn from elements under NATO’s two Supreme Commands, including JFC Naples, which falls under Allied Command Operations headquartered in Mons, Belgium, and the Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway, which falls under Allied Command Trasformation headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.

An advance party of four officers left JFC Naples on 7 August to deploy to Iraq, where it has taken care of practical arrangements for the reception of the core team.

The team will identify the best methods for conducting training both inside and outside the country. In addition, the NTIM-I will immediately start training selected Iraqi headquarters personnel in Iraq.

The new government in Iraq requested NATO's help in training, and in other forms of technical assistance. The Alliance, in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1546, responded positively to this request. Through the training of the Iraqi security forces, the Alliance will help bring forward the day when international forces are no longer required in Iraq.

NOTE: The NTIM-I Public Information Officer is Col. Petter Lindqvist, NOA and can be reached at:
Iraq, Cell phone: +964 79 01 93 08 05
Italy, Cell phone: +39 335 74 03 144