Black Swans on the Eastern Flank

  • 18 Apr. 2018 - 21 Apr. 2018
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Black Swans on the Eastern Flank
Advanced Research Workshop
18 - 21 Apr 2018
Bucharest, Romania
The ARW “Black Swans on the Eastern Flank” has been designed to generate a tailored set of scenarios that would be in line with the NATO Strategic Concept and address the fundamental security challenges of one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods. By proposing a methodology that focuses on expert multi-perspective (experts from all the countries in the region generate two scenarios for their country), the workshop aims to provide an innovative set of “black swans” –scenarios that could generate a crisis in the region. The ARW will highlight what are the highest or most urgent threats from a multi-perspective, thus improving the chances for the Alliance to adapt its role and also calculate better the military effort in the region.
Mr. Ionel Nitu
Dr. Murman Margvelashvili
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