Press briefing on Libya

by Oana Lungescu, the NATO Spokesperson and Wing Commander Mike Bracken, Operation ‘’Unified Protector’’ military spokesperson

  • 12 Jul. 2011
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Oana Lungescu (NATO Spokesperson): Good afternoon. Welcome to everybody here in Brussels, and to those joining us from Naples. I will hand over to Wing Commander Mike Bracken in Naples for our Libya operational update in a few minutes.

As you know, the Secretary General visited the headquarters of Operation Unified Protector in Naples on Friday. It was a chance for him to have the very latest update on the progress we are making in protecting civilians. And it was a chance for him to thank, in person, all those who are conducting NATO’s OUP mission.

NATO and our partners are carrying out this operation with great care and with great precision. But as we have said from the start, there has to be a political solution to this conflict. And the sooner it comes, the better.

On Friday, the Secretary General will take part in the meeting of the Contact Group in Istanbul. The Contact Group can make a critical contribution to the search for a political solution which responds to the legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people. And the Secretary General will look to the meeting to come forward with ideas which are realistic and pragmatic.

Finally, I have to announce that this will be Mike Bracken’s last press conference as the spokesman of Operation Unified Protector. Mike has served the operation tirelessly since he took over as spokesman, but his rotation has now reached its planned end. So I would like to thank him for his dedication, for his professionalism, and for the many sleepless nights he has devoted to this mission.

Mike, thank you, from all of us here in Brussels. And over to you.