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29 Nov. 2023 231116-ukr-ventilators.jpg, 113.58KB

NATO supplies Ukraine with medical ventilators

NATO and Allies are helping to bring much-needed medical ventilators to Ukraine, to support emergency and intensive care units in hospitals around the country. Overall, 15 ventilators will be made available with support from NATO’s Disaster Response Coordination Centre. Spain is donating three ventilators to the Ukraine National Guard, while NATO is giving 12 ventilators, purchased with funds donated by Italy, to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.
16 Nov. 2023 231116-ukr-eadrcc.jpg, 15.37KB

Ukrainian paramedics complete first-aid training organised by NATO and Romania

Around 200 Ukrainian medics have completed NATO training that will help Ukraine’s healthcare system to cope with the devastating impact of Russia’s war. The activity was organised jointly by Romania and NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC), and funded by six Allies. The participants are first responders from different Ukrainian agencies, the National Guard, the National Police, the State Emergency Service, the State Border Guard Service, as well as medical units of the Ministry of the Interior. They are involved in rescue operations and provide critical medical services to civilians during Russian missile and artillery strikes.
07 Aug. 2023 230807-sp-sl-chinook.jpg, 33.16KB

NATO Allies support Slovenia following deadly flooding

NATO Allies are providing support to Slovenia after record rainfall starting last Friday triggered severe flooding affecting two-thirds of the country. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke by phone with Prime Minister Robert Golob on Monday (7 August 2023), expressing his condolences and NATO’s strong solidarity with Slovenia.
14 Jun. 2023 230607-dam-ukr.jpg - A satellite image shows the Nova Kakhovka Dam and hydroelectric plant after its collapse, 38.26KB

Destruction of dam in Ukraine - Request for assistance and situation reports - Updated

As a result of the destruction of the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant (KHPP), and in accordance with the procedures at reference, the EADRCC received on 11 June 2023 an updated urgent request for international humanitarian assistance from Ukraine to protect its population against the flooding and its secondary impact.
24 Mar. 2023 230324-aid-flight-japan.jpg - NATO earthquake response: Japan provides aid to Türkiye, 46.11KB

Earthquake response: Japan completes its final NATO aid flight to Türkiye

Japan wrapped up its support to NATO disaster relief operations in Türkiye on Friday (24 March 2023) after airlifting some 90 tons of aid to Turkish communities in need.
18 Mar. 2023 230318a-001.jpg - NATO earthquake response: Japan provides aid to Türkiye, 67.17KB

Earthquake response: Japan completes first NATO aid flight to Türkiye

More aircraft carrying aid are due to arrive in Türkiye, as NATO Allies and partners continue to provide assistance following the devastating earthquakes in February. A first shipment of aid from Japan arrived on Friday (17 March 2023).
16 Mar. 2023 230316-tur-response.jpg, 59.40KB

Earthquake response: NATO Allies and partners continue to provide aid to Türkiye

NATO Allies and partners continue to respond to calls for assistance following the devastating earthquakes in February.
21 Feb. 2023 230221-sac.jpg, 47.64KB

Earthquake relief: NATO Allies and partners airlift tents to Türkiye

A C-17 heavy cargo aircraft on Tuesday (21 February 2023) arrived at Incirlik airport in Türkiye carrying 500 tents for hundreds of people displaced by the devastating earthquakes that struck Türkiye in February.
19 Feb. 2023 230215_nspa-19.jpg, 18.94KB

Earthquake relief: NATO temporary housing containers depart for Türkiye

A merchant vessel carrying the first 600 of over 1,000 containers of NATO temporary housing for Türkiye left the port of Taranto, Italy, on Sunday evening (19 February 2023).
16 Feb. 2023 230216a-005.jpg - NATO Secretary General visits Türkiye, 93.72KB

Secretary General in Ankara: in your time of need, NATO stands with Türkiye

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Ankara, Türkiye on Thursday (16 February 2023) to show solidarity following the devastating earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria last week.

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