Ambassador Mario Nobilo

Permanent Representative – Croatia

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Born 15 June 1952, Lumbarda, island of Korcula, Croatia. Married, four children.

2005 - Doctorate honorary, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.

1985 - Ph.D. In international security, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb.

1979 - MA in international relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb.

1975 - Graduated, Faculty of Political Sciences.

English, German, Italian, Slovenian.

Professional experience:
Since September 2012 Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the Kingdom of Belgium.

2012: Special Adviser to the Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs.

2010-2012: State Secretary for Political Affairs, MFA

2008-2010: Director General for Multilateral Affairs, MFA. 2004-2008:   Ambassador of Croatia to Slovenia.

2002-2004:  Assistant Minister for Multilateral and European Affairs, MFA.

1997-2002:  Permanent Representative to the OSCE, UN and other international organizations, Vienna.

1992-1997: Permanent Representative of Croatia to the United Nations, New York.

1995-1997: Accredited as non-residential ambassador to Cuba.

1990-1991: Spokesperson for the President of Croatia.

1991-1992:  Foreign policy adviser to the President of Croatia.

1979-1989: Scientific Researcher, Department of Political and Strategic Studies, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb.

Political, negotiating, scientific, managerial experience:
Took part in open and closed diplomatic negotiations on: disintegration of former Yugoslavia; International Conference on Former Yugoslavia; Washington agreements; Dayton Peace Agreement; establishment of UN Transitional Authority in Eastern Slavonia; and other war and peace related talks in former Yugoslavia.

Lead numerous negotiations in post-conflict Western Balkans: border issues between Croatia and Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia and Croatia and Bosnia; Regional project for refuges in former Yugoslavia; open issues from Second World War between Croatia and Italy etc.

Participated in in key negotiations to end protracted field presences of the international organizations in Croatia: ECMM, UN, OSCE, UNHCR.

Led the Croatian negotiation team for Croatian membership to NATO.

Responsible for the important parts in completed Croatian EU accession negotiations: particularly in the field of human rights, refuges issues, border agreements, regional cooperation, arms control and disarmament-Chaired the Croatian Council for NATO.

Took part in the establishment, work and transformation of RACVIAC, regional arms control and security center in SEE.

Co-founder and the vice-president of the European Movement in Croatia/Yugoslavia and of European House in Zagreb.

Author and co-author of several books and numerous articles in domestic and foreign periodicals on: international relations.
international security, regional conflicts.

Lectures at the Diplomatic Academy of MFA and at the War School of the Ministry of Defense, Croatia;

Gave lectures at several foreign universities in Barcelona, Munich, Harvard, Yale, Princeton;

Active politically during the fall of communism in Yugoslavia late 80-s