Defence Policy and Planning Committee

  • Last updated: 10 Dec. 2010 12:10

The Defence Policy and Planning Committee (DPPC) is the senior advisory body to the North Atlantic Council on defence matters concerning all member countries and it also has the lead on defence aspects of Partnership.

It is a key committee bringing together defence counsellors from all national delegations.  It deals with a broad range of issues such as transformation, defence capabilities, agency reform, common-funded acquisition and missile defence, and in Reinforced format (DPPC(R)) it manages the NATO Defence Planning Process.

Chairmanship is flexible depending on the topics being discussed, but the DPPC’s permanent Chairman is the Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning; in Reinforced format  it is chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of NATO. The deputy chairman is the Deputy Assistant Secretary General of the Defence Policy and Planning Division.

This committee has been called the DPPC since the June 2010 committee reform. It replaced both the Executive Working Group and the Defence Review Committee. It has no subordinate committees under its remit.