NATO Information Office in Moscow

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The NATO Information Office in Moscow (NIO) aims to contribute to the development of understanding by the general public of Russia of evolving relations between the Russian Federation and NATO and is the focal point for disseminating information within Russia on the role and function of NATO.

It was established on 15 December 2000 and is attached to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Russian Federation.

After the establishment of the NATO-Russia Council in May 2002, the Office was also tasked to inform the general public of Russia on the Council’s achievements.

What is its authority, tasks and responsibilities?

The NIO works in the following areas:

  • Distribution of NATO official information to the general Russian public, including mass media, state agencies, federal and regional legislatures, the military, non-governmental organizations, and educational and research institutions
  • Sponsoring of communication projects, including regional, national and international seminars, conferences and roundtables in the Russian Federation, on European and global security issues, focusing in particular on the role of NATO and on NATO-Russia cooperation;
  • organization of visits for Russian visitors to NATO headquarters and NATO sites,  as well as for NATO representatives to the Russian Federation;
  • providing information on NATO’s educational and scientific programmes for Russian institutions and potential Russian applicants;
  • distribution of printed and electronic information on NATO and Euro-Atlantic security;
  • setting up a web site to inform about activities organized by the NIO and to highlight NATO-Russia related events that take place in Russia.

Who participates?

The NATO Information Office in Moscow is staffed by a director and a deputy director, who are members of NATO’s International Staff. Other members of the NIO team are Russian nationals.