Defence and Related Security Capacity Building Initiative

  • Last updated 04-Jul-2016 08:57

The Defence and Related Security Capacity Building (DCB) Initiative reinforces NATO’s commitment to partners and helps project stability by providing support to nations requesting defence capacity assistance from NATO. It can include various types of support, ranging from strategic advice on defence and security sector reform and institution building, to development of local forces through education and training, or advice and assistance in specialised areas such as logistics or cyber defence.


  • The DCB Initiative was launched in September 2014 at the NATO Summit in Wales.
  • The initiative is demand driven and tailored to the needs of the recipient nation by providing support which reinforces and exceeds what is offered through other existing programmes.
  • Specialised support can be provided in areas where NATO adds particular value thanks to its extensive track record and expertise in advising, assisting, training and mentoring countries that require capacity building support.
  • DCB packages have been launched for Georgia, Iraq, Jordan and the Republic of Moldova, and NATO stands ready to provide advisory support to Libya should a request be made.
  • The packages are implemented thanks to the generous contributions of Allies and partners, who have provided advisors, trainers and coordinators to work with the recipient countries, and funded projects. A DCB Trust Fund is in place for this purpose.
  • DCB is one of NATO’s key tools to contribute to the international community’s efforts to project stability beyond the territory of NATO. “Projecting stability” will be one of the themes of the Warsaw Summit in July 2016.