Intelligence sector reform talks

  • 24 Sep. 2008 -
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  • Last updated: 05 Jan. 2009 17:14

Expert staff talks on intelligence sector reform took place under the aegis of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defence Reform (JWGDR), in Jurmala, Latvia, on 24 September.

Some 30 experts participated in the full-day event, including officials from Ukraine and NATO. Ukraine set the agenda for the meeting, which addressed issues related to budget planning; management and control; the use of archive materials; the extension of the JWGDR’s Professional Development Programme to Ukraine’s intelligence sector; and requests for future assistance from the Security Service of Ukraine. 

It was the first gathering of intelligence experts in this new format, following the end of the mandate of the NATO-Ukraine Working Group on Civil and Democratic Control of the Intelligence Sector in April. The experts include representatives from the core group of volunteer Allied nations dedicated to help Ukraine continue its intelligence sector reform.