Deputy Secretary General emphasizes importance of NATO-EU partnership at EU Ambassadors Conference

  • 12 Oct. 2022 -
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  • Last updated: 12 Oct. 2022 14:27

Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană spoke at the 2022 European Union Ambassadors' Conference on Wednesday (12 October 2022), praising the deep close cooperation between NATO and the EU, based on shared values, visions and a similar strategic outlook. He underlined the importance of ''strategic solidarity'' between Europe and North America, and between NATO and the EU, in a world of increasingly complex threats. ''We don’t have the luxury to diverge in an era of great power competition,'' he said.


Mr Geoană further underlined the importance of NATO and the EU working even more closely with partner countries like the Republic of Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, and Tunisia, to defend shared values and the rules-based international order.

The EU Ambassadors Conference is an annual event that fosters open debate on the European Union’s internal and external activities, global developments, and the EU’s strategic outlook. This year’s iteration was titled “New frontiers for European diplomacy – acting in a fragmented world”.