NATO and Colombia agree on a new partnership

  • 08 Dec. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 10 Dec. 2021 14:12

Today (8 December 2021) NATO Deputy Secretary General, Mr Mircea Geoană, met with the Defence Minister of Colombia, Mr Diego Andrés Molano, to launch a new partnership programme. Colombia became NATO's newest partner in 2017, and the first in Latin America. As part of this partnership, NATO supports Colombia in its continuing efforts to develop its armed forces, while Colombia provides demining training to NATO Allies and other partner countries.

After a series of high-level meetings and staff talks throughout 2021, Colombia and NATO have agreed a new framework of cooperation, the Individually Tailored Partnership Programme, marking the beginning of even closer cooperation. Colombia is the first partner to transition into such a new programme, which covers areas for enhanced cooperation such as interoperability, building integrity, training and education, as well as new areas like climate change and security. In this context, NATO Deputy Secretary General and the Colombian Defence Minister opened the virtual exhibition “Colombian Paramos and High Mountain Ecosystems” which highlights the active role of the Colombian Armed Forces in climate change mitigation. 

In addition to the ongoing practical cooperation in areas such as good governance, military training, interoperability, demining, and maritime security, Mr Geoană and Mr Molano exchanged views on security implications of climate change, disinformation, strategic communications and ways to address cyber threats.