Conference of National Armaments Directors meets

  • 26 Oct. 2021 - 27 Oct. 2021
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  • Last updated: 27 Oct. 2021 16:31

The Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) met on Tuesday and Wednesday (26-27 October 2021) for its Autumn Plenary with representatives from Allied and Interoperability Platform (IP) partners, as part of its regular cycle of meetings.

The CNAD is a unique and distinct NATO body, whose mission is to enable cooperation in the delivery of interoperable military capabilities to improve NATO forces’ effectiveness across the spectrum of NATO’s core tasks, including current and future operations.

Several key topics were addressed, including innovation, climate and NATO’s major programmes. Armaments Directors also discussed Emerging and Disruptive Technologies to understand the potential of these and other technologies for capability delivery, and to define actions, modalities, and timelines to adopt them. They provided guidance on the best way to deliver capabilities critical for deterrence and defence as quickly as possible, through reinforced cooperation between Allies and with the NATO Science and Technology Organisation and the Strategic Commands.

National Armaments Directors also debated the achievements of major NATO capabilities programmes including:

  • the handover of major components of the Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system to NATO and their operational acceptance;
  • reaching the next phase of industry engagements for the Alliance Future Surveillance and Control in the form of Risk and Feasibility Studies1.

They also welcomed the successful launch and implementation of a large number of NATO-supported multinational cooperation initiatives enabling Allies to develop and acquire capabilities; and train and exercise together.

The next meeting for the Conference of National Armaments Directors will take place in Spring 2022, in Allied format.