NATO’s first policy hackathon about the future of our security

  • 29 Jan. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 31 Jan. 2021 10:50

Students from ten top universities in Allied countries are taking part in NATO’s first policy hackathon, launched today (29 January 2021), in partnership with LEAD Mindsets & Capabilities.

This is part of NATO’s outreach to young people to contribute to the Secretary General’s initiative “NATO 2030” to keep the Alliance ready to face tomorrow’s challenges.

“Through NATO 2030, we are shaping a new agenda to keep us safe for the next decade and beyond. For this, we need the best ideas and the boldest thinking. With this hackathon, we tap into some of the brightest young minds in our Alliance – and I look forward to your proposals,” Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

Two teams will focus on each of the five hackathon themes: 

  1. Turning the tide: NATO’s role in defending and re-shaping a values-based international order
  2. Full spectrum security: building resilience against economic security risks
  3. People First: Protecting Populations in Modern-Day Conflicts
  4. Innovating innovation: next steps in Allied technology cooperation
  5. Less is more: reducing military carbon emissions

At today’s kick-off, NATO staff and other experts will brief the students on the topics and their task. Over the next five days, the participants will work to develop 4-minute pitches. They will be advised by a Sounding Board of experts from various backgrounds, as well as dedicated team mentors. 

The teams will present their pitches on 4 February 2021, in “New Ideas for NATO 2030”, a youth event with the NATO Secretary General organised in partnership with Chatham House. A jury will evaluate the ten proposals, and the live audience will also vote on the best one; the winning team will be invited to refine their idea and see it turn into NATO policy.

Tune in to watch “New Ideas for NATO 2030,” which will be streamed live on the NATO website on 4 February 2021, from 16:00 to 19:15.