NATO Military Liaison Mission Moscow

  • Last updated: 01 Oct. 2020 16:47

The Military Liaison Mission Moscow was established as a self-reliant part of NATO's International Military Staff in Moscow in 2002.

It is hosted in Russia by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium

The Mission supports the NATO-Russia dialogue by conducting liaison between NATO's Military Committee in Brussels and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

What is its authority, tasks and responsibilities?

The Mission’s mandate is to support NATO-Russia dialogue by:

  • keeping military channels of communication open;
  • liaising with the Russian Ministry of Defence on issues agreed by North Atlantic Council, (NAC) NATO Russia Council (NRC) and the Military Committee (MC);
  • assisting the NATO Information Office (NIO) in Moscow to explain Alliance policy to the Russian public and other audiences;
  • helping to facilitate the implementation of all NAC, NRC, MC decisions, as appropriate.

How does it work in practice?

The Mission’s main point of contact is the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation in the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Contact details:

NATO’s Military Liaison Mission (MLM) in Moscow
Mytnaya Street 3, 119049 Moscow, Russian Federation
tel.:+7 495 775 0272
fax: +7 495 775 0280

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