What could an internship in the Translation Service be like?

  • 18 Mar. 2015 -
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  • Last updated: 18 Mar. 2015 10:00

Using the latest computer-assisted translation tools, the International Staff Translation Service provides translation between the two official languages of the Organization, French and English, to the NATO Secretary General, the North Atlantic Council and over one hundred committees.

Translation interns with French or English mother tongue benefit from systematic revision of their work by revisers and experienced translators, are taught how to exploit terminology in texts and how to use CAT tools. Other interns with an IT profile are able to gain valuable professional skills in CAT tools and be involved in all IT-related projects within the Service.

My internship with the Translation Service was a great way to complement the university training I received in specialized translation. It helped me understand how a high-level translation service worked and taught me to work as part of a team alongside experienced colleagues, who guided me, supported me and passed on their knowledge to me. Over the course of the six months, I was able to hone my skills and feel fully part of the Service. In fact, I was offered a temporary contract at the end of the internship and have been regularly performing translation assignments for NATO since then.