• Last updated: 21 Jun. 2023 10:05

Thematic Index of NATO Topics

Browse through the thematic overview below or consult the full alphabetical index of NATO topics for background information on the Alliance, its policies, activities and structures.

Introduction to NATO

Understand how and why NATO was created, its fundamental security tasks, and the main policies and principles that guide the Organization.

Opening up of Alliance membership

Operations and missions

Get a comprehensive overview of NATO-led operations and missions, past and present, large and small.

Security challenges and capabilities

Read more about today's security challenges and the defence capabilities that NATO develops and maintains to tackle them.

Partnerships and cooperation

Learn more about how NATO works with a vast network of non-member countries and other organisations to promote security and tackle shared challenges.

Civilian and military structures

See how NATO Allies – bound together by the principle of consensus decision-making – work together through a relatively small number of structures that interact on a daily basis.

Wider activities

Discover other areas in which NATO is involved, such as arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation; energy security; climate change; science; and gender and human security.

Gender and human security