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20 Feb. 2018

NATO launches second cyber defence project with Moldova

The Moldovan Armed Forces are looking to develop and improve their cyber defence capabilities, so as to be able to face sophisticated and emerging cyber threats that may affect the military information networks management and security. On 13 February 2018, NATO and the Republic of Moldova launched a multi-year project to support these efforts under the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme.

19 Feb. 2018

NATO Parliamentary Assembly visits NATO

Members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly visited NATO Headquarters on Monday (19 February 2018) for an exchange of views with the NATO Secretary General and the North Atlantic Council.

19 Feb. 2018

NATO launches defence capacity building project for Jordan

NATO launched a Defence Capacity Building Project on “Enhancing Jordan’s capacity for Crisis Management, Continuity of Government and Exercises” on Monday (19 February 2018). The three-year project will assist the Jordanian National Centre for Security and Crisis Management in achieving full operational capability, and will enhance Jordan’s capacity in national resilience, continuity of government and crisis management.

17 Feb. 2018

NATO Secretary General meets world leaders at the Munich Security Conference

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discussed security challenges facing the Alliance in a series of bilateral meetings at the Munich Security Conference on Friday and Saturday (16 -17 February 2018).

16 Feb. 2018

NATO Secretary General arrives at the Munich Security Conference

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Germany today (16 February) to participate in the Munich Security Conference. He will give a speech on the future of NATO and European security, as well as nuclear challenges. The Conference follows meetings of NATO Defence Ministers in Brussels, where Allies took decisions to modernise the NATO Command Structure and plan a training mission in Iraq, as well as reviewing progress on burden-sharing, military mobility and NATO-EU cooperation. Arriving in Munich, the Secretary General called the conference “an important platform for dialogue in a more dangerous world.”

16 Feb. 2018

NATO Secretary General: preserving peace through strength and dialogue

In a ‎keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference on Friday (16 February 2018), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addressed the transatlantic partnership, EU defence efforts and nuclear challenges. “To preserve the peace, we need the military strength of the NATO Alliance, combined with the political courage to seek dialogue, to de-escalate, reduce tensions and find peaceful solutions to our differences” he said.

15 Feb. 2018

NATO Defence Ministers take decisions to strengthen the Alliance

NATO Defence Ministers wrapped up two days of talks in Brussels on Thursday (15 February 2018), focused on the NATO Command Structure, fair burden-sharing and the Alliance’s efforts to project stability beyond its borders.

15 Feb. 2018

Canada and Poland join six NATO Allies in developing next-generation maritime multi mission aircraft

On Thursday (15 February 2018), Canada and Poland joined a multinational effort for developing follow-on solutions for aging maritime anti-submarine and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. At a signing ceremony at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Defence Ministers from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey welcomed Canada and Poland to the multinational effort on “Cooperation on Multinational Maritime Multi Mission Aircraft Capabilities.”

15 Feb. 2018

NATO Deputy Secretary General: cyber security is "a global issue for our time"

Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller addressed NATO's response to hybrid and cyber threats at an event co-hosted by the German Marshall Fund and Microsoft in Brussels on Thursday (15 February 2018). Calling cyber security "a global issue for our time", she set out three ways in which NATO can contribute to greater stability in cyberspace: reaffirming the rule of law; supporting national resilience; and fostering deeper cooperation among nations, organisations and industry.

15 Feb. 2018

Deputy Secretary General welcomes New Zealand’s Minister of Defence to NATO

Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller welcomed Defence Minister Ron Mark to NATO Headquarters on Thursday (15 February 2018) to discuss deepening cooperation between NATO and New Zealand. New Zealand recently concluded a new Individual Partnership and Cooperation Programme (IPCP) with the Alliance, which sets out an ambitious roadmap for continued partnership.

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