• Last updated: 09 Feb. 2024 11:17

NATO Press Office – Who We Are

The NATO Press Office is the first point of contact for all media enquiries.
Please get in touch with us here.

  • [Farah Dakhlallah]

    Farah Dakhlallah NATO Spokesperson

  • [Dylan White]

    Dylan White Deputy NATO Spokesperson and Head of Press and Media

  • [Mark Sanders]

    Mark Sanders Head of Media Operations

  • [
Alina Coca]

    Alina Coca Deputy Head of Media Operations

  • [Peggy Beauplet]

    Peggy Beauplet Press Officer

  • [Simone de Manso]

    Simone de Manso Press Officer

  • [Matthias Eichenlaub]

    Matthias Eichenlaub Press Officer

  • [Paul Noellke]

    Paul Noellke Press Officer

  • [Daniele Riggio ]

    Daniele Riggio Press Officer

  • [Delphine Mauss]

    Delphine Mauss Press Officer

  • [Njoki Mahiaini]

    Njoki Mahiaini Press Officer

  • [Heidi Van de Velde ]

    Heidi Van de Velde Coordinator for Media Relations