Meetings of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs

NATO headquarters, Brussels, Belgium

  • 05 Dec. 2017 - 06 Dec. 2017
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  • Last updated: 06 Dec. 2017 16:21
  • 11:00

    Background briefing and discussion on "NATO-EU cooperation"

    • Open to all accredited journalists. No photo, audio or video recordings
  • 13:00

    Secretary General’s doorstep

  • 13:40

    Bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey

  • 14:30

    Bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany

  • 15:00

    Bilateral meeting with the US Secretary of State

  • 15:30

    Meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in Foreign Ministers’ session

  • 18:05

    Unveiling of the Brussels 2018 Summit Logo by the Secretary General and the Prime Minister of Belgium, followed by official portrait

  • 18:15

    Bilateral meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden

  • 18:15

    Press Conference by the NATO Secretary General and the High Representative / Vice-President of the European Commission

  • Implementation of the Joint Declaration signed by the European Council and European Commission Presidents and the NATO Secretary General - Common set of new proposals