Opening remarks

by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the start of the meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission at the level of NATO Foreign Ministers

  • 06 Dec. 2017 -
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Good morning, then we are ready to start, it’s good to see you all.

And welcome to this meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission.

In today’s meeting, we will discuss the many ways that NATO and Georgia continue to work together, as well as the security situation in and around the Black Sea region.

NATO is strongly committed to Georgia’s security and territorial integrity.

We will review the implementation of the Substantial Package of support NATO gives to Georgia.

That support is strengthening Georgia’s defence institutions, and assisting it on its path towards membership in the Alliance.

And I congratulate Georgia on the continuing progress it is making on reforms.

And this concluded the public part of this meeting, so I thank the media for being with us this morning, and then the meeting will continue in just a moment.

Thank you so much to the media.