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Military Planning for Berlin Emergency (1961-1968)

January 1963 - January 1967

1963-1967 section 01 East-West Relations: Council Meetings and Summary Record of the Private Meeting of the Council held on 23rd January, 1963
1963-1967 section 02 Political Contingency Plans for Berlin – Summary Records of Private Meetings held on 31st January and 13th February 1963
1963-1967 section 03 Legal Problems involved in the Implementation of the MARCON and BERCON DELTA Plans
1963-1967 section 04 Berlin Situation – Secretary General’s Annual Political Appraisal – Review of International Situation
1963-1967 section 05 Revision of the Document SGM-593-62(Revised) on Alert Measures in Support of Berlin Contingency Plans
1963-1967 section 06 Summing-up by the Standing Group of the Historical Background of Berlin Contingency Planning, including Tripartite LIVE OAK Planning
1963-1967 section 07 French Withdrawal from NATO Command and Implications for the Contingency Plans for Berlin – Notes prepared for the Secretary General on the Historical Background and the Actual Situation of the BERCON Plans
1963-1967 section 08 Amendment to Berlin Contingency Plans (BERCON CHARLIE TWO) Proposed by the Military Committee for Council’s Approval: Concerning the Replacement of German Command Responsabilities by those of the United States in the Access to Berlin (Autobahn)