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Military Planning for Berlin Emergency (1961-1968)

January - September 1962

1962-1 section 01 Records of Private Meetings held on the 30th and 31st January, 1962
1962-1 section 02 Secretary General’s Proposal to invite General Nostad to give a briefing to the Council on Live Oak and NATO Military Planning regarding Berlin [Record of a Private Meeting held on 1st February 1962 – Point I]
1962-1 section 03 Secretary’s General Meeting with the Three Powers Working Group in Washington, 7th of February, 1962 – Recommendations by the Three Powers in the Planning and Control of Berlin Contingency Operations [BQD-M-22 + modified]
1962-1 section 04 Council’s discussions on the Three Powers Document BQD-M-22 (Briefs for the Secretary General) – Summary Records of Private Meetings held on 5th and 12th March, 1962 – Exchange of letters between Secretary General and the Four Powers
1962-1 section 05 NATO Maritime Contingency Plan (MARCON) in form proposed for submission to NAC pursuant to the Instructions in paragraph 7 of MC(61)104 – CINCHAN’s Appraisal
1962-1 section 06 SHAPE’s Plans for Berlin Contingency Planning (BERCON)
1962-1 section 07 Review of the International Situation: Berlin Situation and East-West Relations
1962-1 section 08 Return to United States of certain US Units from the Area of Allied Command Europe
1962-1 section 09 Standing Group Appraisal of Berlin Contingency Plans as a Basis for Consultation with the Military Committee
1962-1 section 10 Analysis and Comments by the International Staff on the Standing Group Appraisal of the BERCON Plan