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Military Planning for Berlin Emergency (1961-1968)

September - December 1961

1961-2 section 01 Analysis by the Commanders [SHAPE 188/61] of the replies by the Countries to the “Plan of Action: NATO Europe”
1961-2 section 02 Countries’ Replies [PO/61/764] to SACLANT and CINCHAN Plans of Action in Face of a Berlin Crisis [PO/61/722] and Supplementary Requirements [PO/61/730]
1961-2 section 03 SACEUR’s [PO/61/747], SACLANT’s [PO/61/816] Analysis of Countries Responses
1961-2 section 04 NATO Planning for the Berlin Emergency: Relationship between the Council and the 4 Power Ambassadorial Steering Group in Washington – Three Western Powers Proposal to conclude a Treaty with the Federal Republic of Germany
1961-2 section 05 Relationship between the Contingency Planning and the Exercise “LIVE OAK”  - Tripartite Instructions [PO/61/765] and Instructions by the Council to the Military Authorities [C-M(61)104]
1961-2 section 06 Relationship between the Build-up of NATO Defence in Connection with the Berlin Crisis and the 1961 Interim Review [C-M(61)87]
1961-2 section 07 SACLANT and CINCHAN Overall Evaluation of NATO Military Build-up as Counterpart to SHAPE 188/61
1961-2 section 08 SHAPE’s Second Evaluation of the Country Responses to “Plan of Action: NATO Europe” [SHAPE/188B/61]
1961-2 section 09 NAC Meetings on Berlin Crisis and on the Review of the International Situation