Defence Institution Building

  • Last updated: 09 May. 2018 16:14

The Partnership Action Plan on Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB) aims to reinforce efforts by partner countries to reform and restructure their defence institutions to meet domestic needs as well as international commitments.

Centre: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg greeting Tariq Shah Bahrami (Acting Minister of Defence, Afghanistan)


  • Effective and efficient state defence institutions under civilian and democratic control are fundamental to stability in the Euro-Atlantic area and for international security cooperation, PAP-DIB was launched at NATO’s Istanbul Summit in June 2004.
  • The reform of defence and security institution is often a long and difficult process, and often partner countries are hampered by scarce resources and limited experience. PAP-DIB offers support by defining common objectives for partnership work in this area, encouraging exchange of relevant experience, and