NATO Vacancies

Please find below a list of current vacancies for international civilian staff positions available in the various NATO locations world-wide.

For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column "Title". For information about the NATO Agency/Body concerned click on the column "NATO Body". If the instructions on "How to apply" are not clearly indicated in the vacancy notice itself, then you should click on the column "NATO Body" and contact the Recruitment/Personnel Office concerned. Please note that the recruitment of personnel for each NATO Agency/Body is independent.

More information about vacancies and employment in other NATO Bodies (if not listed below), can be found on the list of "NATO Agencies and Commands".

How to apply?

Please use the NATO Body's website link below to access the application form and other useful information.

Location NATO body Job Category Title Grade     Staff
Vacancy N°
Monsato, PortugalJALLCFinanceAdministrator Procurement and FinanceG12221050Dec 15, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAEngineeringTechnical Officer (Electronics), LD-112G15155/2022Dec 07, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAEngineeringHAWK System Manager, LD-192G17156/2022Dec 07, 2022
Geilenkirchen, GermanyNAEW&C Force GKOperationsStaff Assistant (Procedures and ADP Support)G8220907Dec 09, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAEngineeringChief of Branch (Workshop Branch) , LM-11G2069A/2022Dec 13, 2022
Brunssum, The NetherlandsNAPMAEngineeringSystem Test Aircreq OfficerG17PSE92Dec 09, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsSenior Planning Officer (Rail Services), OL-14G17160/2022Dec 18, 2022
Brunssum, The NetherlandsNAPMAEngineeringFLEP CIS Security Officer G17PMA92Jan 06, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumBICES Group ExecutiveInformation Systems and TechnologySystem IntegratorG15-G17220986Dec 07, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQOperations and Maintenance of HeadquartersFirst Line Intervention Team (FLIT) Technician HVAC, Executive Management (EM)G6220996Dec 11, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQOperationsOfficer, NATO-wide Individually Tailored Partnership Programme (ITPP)G17221015Dec 07, 2022
Rome, ItalyNDCCommunicationsInnovation and Experimentation Officer_G17G17221036Dec 10, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsTechnical Officer (Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopter Branch), LA-48G15162/2022Dec 12, 2022
Geilenkirchen, GermanyNAEW&C Force GKMedical or SocialStaff Assistant - Dental (50% Part Time)G8220906Jan 02, 2023
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsAircraft DLM Contract Administrator, LW-39G12163/2022Dec 14, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQPolitical AffairsOfficer, Multilateral Organizations SectionG17-G20220999Jan 08, 2023
Izmir, TurkeyHQ LC IzmirOperationsOperational Research AnalystG17Operational Research Analyst - ORA001Dec 18, 2022
Izmir, TurkeyHQ LC IzmirLogisticsAssistant (Logistics Information systems Management and Administration)G10Assistant (Log Info)-ALI001Dec 18, 2022
Mons, BelgiumNCI Agency BE, MonsInformation Systems and TechnologyEngineer (Software, Cyber Security Data)G15220976Dec 11, 2022
Mons, BelgiumNCI Agency BE, MonsAdministrationEngineer (Cyber Security Data - SIEM)G15220977Dec 11, 2022
Mons, BelgiumNCI Agency BE, MonsInformation Systems and TechnologySenior Engineer Cyber Security Data – LeadG17220980Dec 11, 2022
La Spezia, ItalyCMREScienceMedior Scientist, Interoperability and SecurityG15221057Dec 18, 2022
Geilenkirchen, GermanyNAEW&C Force GKInformation and Document ManagementSection Head (Central Registry and Media)G12220903Jan 04, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrationOfficer, Project PortfolioG17221045Jan 01, 2023
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologySenior Cyber Security Officer, IS-50G1723A/2022Dec 16, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAOperationsTechnician (Technical Order, Quality Assurance), OS-52 and 53G12164/2022Dec 18, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAAdministrative SupportAdministrative Assistant, I-4G8165/2022Dec 11, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrative SupportStaff Officer, Committee SupportG11221023Jan 01, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrationPolicy Officer, NATO Communications and Information OrganisationG17221056Dec 11, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsHelicopter Technician, LA-95G12166/2022Dec 19, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAProgramme ManagementPrincipal Officer (NATO Flight Training Europe (NFTE)), LA-96G20167/2022Jan 10, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumNCI Agency BE, BrusselsInformation Systems and TechnologyTechnician (Technical Support)G8221059Dec 08, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrative SupportAdministrative Assistant, OCIOG8-G10221026Jan 08, 2023
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsConsultant - Technical Expert (Fixed Wing Aircraft), CO-22101G15-G17CLT/LA/20/2022Dec 14, 2022
Versailles, FranceNSPA, Central Europe Pipeline Programme (NSPA/CEPS)EngineeringSenior Project Officer (Operational Technology), CE-47 3rd PublicationG1704B/2022Jan 18, 2023
Izmir, TurkeyHQ LC IzmirFinanceDirector of FinanceG20G8002Dec 25, 2022
Uedem, GermanyNCI Agency DEU, UedemInformation Systems and TechnologySenior Assistant (General Admin Support)G10220769Jan 08, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQInformation Systems and TechnologyOfficer, Data ArchitectureG17221019Jan 08, 2023
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsLogistics Assistant, OS-33G8169/2022Jan 01, 2023
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAAdministrative SupportTechnical Officer (CM - Product Data Management), LD-94G15170/2022Jan 01, 2023
Brunssum, The NetherlandsHQ JFC BrunssumAdministrationStaff Assistant Life Cycle Administration - Part-timeG8221072Jan 08, 2023
Geilenkirchen, GermanyNAEW&C Force GKOperationsAdministrator (Project Management)G15220882Jan 06, 2023
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAAdministrative SupportPlanning, Projects and Administrative Budget Officer, LD-5G17171/2022Jan 10, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQPublic DiplomacyAssistant Secretary General for Public DiplomacyUncl221083Jan 29, 2023
Izmir, Turkey NCI Agency TK, IzmirInformation Systems and TechnologyHead - Land Operations Support SectionG15220791Jan 08, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQSecurity PolicyOfficer, Climate Security G17-G20221065Jan 08, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQInformation Systems and TechnologyHead, ERP Competency CentreG17221043Jan 15, 2023
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrationDeputy Director, Office of the Director (DIR)G23220780Jan 08, 2023
The Hague, The NetherlandsNCI Agency NL, The HagueInformation Systems and TechnologyHead Digital Events ServicesG20221044Dec 31, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsSenior Technician (Ammunition), LB-51 2nd PublicationG1491A/2022Jan 16, 2023
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAProgramme ManagementNavy Principal Project Officer, LD-249G20174/2022Jan 16, 2023
Mons, BelgiumNCI Agency BE, MonsInformation Systems and TechnologyLinux Infrastructure TechnicianG12220942Dec 31, 2022
Mons, BelgiumNCI Agency BE, MonsInformation Systems and TechnologyWindows Infrastructure TechnicianG12220936Dec 31, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAEngineeringConsultant – Senior Expert (Infrastructure), CO-23020G15-G17CLT/OE/21/2022Jan 17, 2023
Norfolk, VA, United StatesSACTHuman ResourcesStaff Assistant Civilian Human ResourcesG10221099Jan 08, 2023

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