NATO Vacancies

Please find below a list of current vacancies for international civilian staff positions available in the various NATO locations world-wide.

For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column "Title". For information about the NATO Agency/Body concerned click on the column "NATO Body". If the instructions on "How to apply" are not clearly indicated in the vacancy notice itself, then you should click on the column "NATO Body" and contact the Recruitment/Personnel Office concerned. Please note that the recruitment of personnel for each NATO Agency/Body is independent.


More information about vacancies and employment in other NATO Bodies (if not listed below), can be found on the list of "NATO Agencies and Commands".

In order to have a geographical view of NATO locations, please click on the "worldmap".

How to apply?

Please use the NATO Body's website link below to access the application form and other useful information.

Location NATO
Job Category Title Grade     Staff
Vacancy N°     
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAEngineeringAFSC Engineering Manager, LW-120A4172/2017Oct 24, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Technical Officer, C2 (Command and Control) and Surveillance, LW121-A3A3176/2017Oct 25, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsInformation Systems and TechnologySenior Scientist 170270A3170270Oct 24, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsAdministrationSection Head Email ServicesA3170437Oct 25, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsInformation Systems and TechnologyPrincipal Scientist Technical Lead 170416A4170416Oct 24, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologySoftware developer- Technician (IS Support), LD-47B596A/2017Oct 25, 2017
Germany,GeilenkirchenNAEW E-3A Component OperationsPrincipal Fireman-Deputy Shift LeaderC5170456Nov 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAProcurement and PurchasingDeputy Director - Information Systems Support, P-4A5183/2017Nov 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsProgramme Manager, LN-1A5179/2017Nov 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsJourneyman Technician - Electronics, Electro-Mechanical Specialist, LM-155B2185/2017Oct 23, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsContract Integrator Team Planner, LK-31A3120A/2017Nov 06, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsContract Integrator Team Embedded Planner, LK-30A4184/2017Nov 07, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsPrincipal Acquisition Logistics Planning Officer, LC2-A4A4181/2017Nov 01, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQInformation Systems and TechnologyOfficer, Security Accreditation Activities and Special EventsA1-A2170467Nov 05, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQEngineeringOfficer, Technical Specialist Munition System, MSIAC, Defence Investment DivisionA4170474Oct 31, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQFinanceSenior Officer, Capability Implementation Support, NATO Office of ResourcesA4170470Nov 08, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAProcurement and PurchasingSenior Procurement Officer - Procurement Officer, PP Pool A3-A2A2-A3186/2017Nov 09, 2017
The Netherlands,BrunssumNAPMAInformation Systems and TechnologyApplication Support Assistant, IM023B4IM023Nov 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Clerk, LS-52B3187/2017Oct 29, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Clerk, LM-154B3188/2017Oct 29, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsInformation Systems and TechnologyIT Engineer (Software) 170419A2170419Oct 26, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQLinguisticsInterpreter, Executive Management DivisionI3170492Nov 20, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsTechnician - SAP Logistician, LK-50B5191/2017Oct 30, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAHuman ResourcesClerk (recruitment and training assistant), HR43-B2B2189/2017Oct 23, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAHuman ResourcesJunior Technician (payroll), HR36-B4B4190/2017Oct 23, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsPrincipal Acquisition and Life Cycle Management Officer, LC3-A4A4194/2017Nov 14, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Technical Officer (System Management), LD-134A3192/2017Nov 14, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPASecurity PolicyOccupational Health and Safety Officer (OHS), AS-36A3193/2017Nov 14, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAFinanceSenior Technician - Financial Systems, FF-146B6197/2017Nov 01, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQSecurity of HeadquartersClose Protection Agent (Reserve List)C3170422Dec 31, 2018
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQPolitical AffairsOfficer, NATO-Kuwait ICI Regional Centre, Political Affairs and Security Policy DivisionA3-A4170497Nov 14, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsBICES Group ExecutiveAdministrative SupportAdministrative Support Assistant, BGX, BICESB3-B4170399Nov 05, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsConsultant - Senior Advisor, CO-7004A2-A3CLT/LK/11A/2017Nov 15, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Technician - SAP Logistician, LK-134B6195/2017Nov 02, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsLogistics Officer - Fuel, LK-133A2196/2017Nov 02, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAProcurement and PurchasingProcurement Senior Clerk, PP-90, PP-151B3201/2017Nov 20, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAProcurement and PurchasingBuyer - Junior Buyer, PP-PoolB4-B5198/2017Nov 20, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCISG HeadquartersInformation Systems and TechnologyAnalyst (DCIS CAPS)A2170504Nov 17, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologyFirst IT Support Technician, LD-142B4202/2017Nov 22, 2017
United States,Norfolk, VASACTInformation Systems and TechnologyResource and Programme ManagerA3TSC FCX 0060Nov 17, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsTechnician (helicopter support), LA68-B5B5199/2017Nov 07, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAFinanceFinancial Manager – Infrastructure and Fuel Projects, FF123-A2A2200/2017Nov 21, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrative SupportAssistant, Information and Knowledge Management, Front Office ASG, Emerging Security Challenges DivisionB3-B4170505Nov 13, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsConsultant - Technical Expert (Airfield Services), CO-7085A2-A3CLT/LK/17/2017Nov 13, 2017
Poland,BydgoszczJFTCInformation Systems and TechnologyEngineer (Modeling and Simulation)A2170513Nov 27, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsChief of Branch (Fuel), LK-130A4206/2017Nov 28, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrative SupportAssistant Pensions, Executive Management DivisionB3-B4170500Nov 15, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Technician (Engine), LW-54B6208/2017Nov 15, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologySenior SharePoint - .Net specialist, IT128-B6B6203/2017Nov 14, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQInformation Systems and TechnologyApplication Support Analyst (Open Text Documentum), Executive Management DivisionB4-B5170417Nov 30, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQFinanceAssistant, Accounts Receivable, OFC, Budget Execution and Reporting DivisionB3170514Nov 20, 2017

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