NATO Vacancies

Please find below a list of current vacancies for international civilian staff positions available in the various NATO locations world-wide.

For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column “Title”. For information about the NATO Agency/Body concerned click on the column “NATO Body”. If the instructions on “How to apply” are not clearly indicated in the vacancy notice itself, then you should click on the column “NATO Body” and contact the Recruitment/Personnel Office concerned. Please note that the recruitment of personnel for each NATO Agency/Body is independent.


More information about vacancies and employment in other NATO Bodies (if not listed below), can be found on the list of “NATO Agencies and Commands”.

In order to have a geographical view of NATO locations, please click on the “worldmap”.

How to apply?

Please use the NATO Body's website link below to access the application form and other useful information.

Location NATO
Job Category Title Grade     Staff
Vacancy N°     
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQDefence InvestmentAir Defence Expert, INTEGRATED AIR AND MISSILE DEFENCE (IAMD) SECTION, Defence Investment DivisionA4170231Jun 29, 2017
France,Neuilly Sur SeineCSOScienceDirector_of_the_CSOA6170255Jul 13, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsLogistics Officer (Operations), LK-74A292/2017Jun 28, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSAP Logistician - Technician, LK128-B5B591/2017Jun 28, 2017
Norway,StavangerJoint Warfare CentreAdministrative SupportSection Head (Host Nation Coordination)A2170274Jul 31, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsJUNIOR TECHNICIAN, LM74-B4B494/2017Jul 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsHAWK Technician, LD-206B595/2017Jul 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPATransportCHIEF OF STORAGE SECTION, LS10-B4B493/2017Jul 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologyTechnician (IS Support), LD-47B596/2017Jul 05, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsCalibration Technician, LD139-B5B599/2017Jul 05, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologyJunior Technician [Distributed Information Systems (IS) Monitor], LD143-B4B497/2017Jul 18, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQDefence InvestmentHead, Aerospace Capabilities, Armament and Aerospace Capabilities Directorate, Defence Investment DivisionA5170258Aug 03, 2017
Germany,GeilenkirchenNAEW E-3A Component FinanceFinancial ControllerA5170234Jul 25, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsNCI Agency BE - BrusselsFinanceSenior Assistant Accounts PayableB4170173Jun 30, 2017
The Netherlands,The HagueNCI Agency NL - HagueInformation and Document ManagementSenior Scientist 170184A3170184Jul 07, 2017
The Netherlands,BrunssumNCI Agency NL - BrunssumInfrastructure and FacilitiesTechnician Climate Control Air ConditioningB3170253Jul 11, 2017
The Netherlands,BrunssumNCI Agency NL - BrunssumInformation Systems and TechnologyTechnician Information Systems DCISB4170249Jul 11, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsElectronics Technician (Junior Technician)B4106/2017Jul 12, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsElectronics Technician Digital-Analogue (Assistan Junior Technician), LM-111B3107/2017Jul 12, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsConsultant - Senior Expert (Planning - OLSP), CO-7107A2-A3CLTLK/09/2017Jul 13, 2017
Belgium,Shape, MonsSHAPEFinanceBranch Head (ACO Internal Audit)A5170286Jul 26, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQDefence PlanningOfficer, Logistics - Defence Policy and PlanningA3-A4170290Aug 04, 2017
The Netherlands,The HagueNCI Agency NL - HagueAdministrationSenior Assistant Multinational SupportB4170292Jul 14, 2017
The Netherlands,BrunssumNCI Agency NL - BrunssumInformation Systems and TechnologySenior Technician TelecommunicationsSatellite 170289B4170289Jul 13, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologySAP ABAP Developer, IT21-B4B4109/2017Jul 13, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsJunior Technician (Electrician-Mechanic), S106-B4B4108/2017Jul 13, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsMechanic (MRO-Automotive, Hydraulique), LM-216B5111/2017Jul 17, 2017
Belgium,Shape, MonsSHAPEInfrastructure and FacilitiesProgramme ManagerA3170284Jul 26, 2017
Belgium,Shape, MonsSHAPEInfrastructure and FacilitiesCIS Technical AdvisorA2170288Jul 26, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQSecurity PolicyOfficer, Awareness, Protective Security Branch, NOS, JISDA2-A3170285Jul 28, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsMechanic (MRO) - Assistant Junior Technician, LM-214B3113/2017Jul 19, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Logistics Officer (Chief of Section), LK-111A3112/2017Jul 19, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsMechanic (MRO) - Journeyman Technician, LM-213B2114/2017Jul 19, 2017
The Netherlands,BrunssumHQ JFC BrunssumFinanceBranch Head (Budget and Disbursing)A4OJN BBX 0010Aug 04, 2017
Germany,RamsteinHQ AIRCOMInfrastructure and FacilitiesAssistant (Building Management) 2nd AdvertB50117Aug 24, 2017
Hungary,PapaNSPA, NATO Airlift Management Programme (NSPA/NAMP)LogisticsSystems Sustainment Engineer, NA17-A3A3115/2017Jul 23, 2017

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