NATO Vacancies

Please find below a list of current vacancies for international civilian staff positions available in the various NATO locations world-wide.

For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column "Title". For information about the NATO Agency/Body concerned click on the column "NATO Body". If the instructions on "How to apply" are not clearly indicated in the vacancy notice itself, then you should click on the column "NATO Body" and contact the Recruitment/Personnel Office concerned. Please note that the recruitment of personnel for each NATO Agency/Body is independent.

More information about vacancies and employment in other NATO Bodies (if not listed below), can be found on the list of "NATO Agencies and Commands".

How to apply?

Please use the NATO Body's website link below to access the application form and other useful information.

Location NATO body Job Category Title Grade     Staff
Vacancy N°
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQInfrastructure and FacilitiesHead, Workspace Solutions and Project Management, EMG17210949Jan 30, 2022
Stavanger, NorwayJoint Warfare CentreProgramme ManagementManager (Scenario Development)G17210984Jan 23, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPATransportWarehouse Group Manager, LS-9G12156/2021Jan 23, 2022
Versailles, FranceNSPA, Central Europe Pipeline Programme (NSPA/CEPS)Infrastructure and FacilitiesProjects Officer (Infrastructure), CE-15G20157/2021Jan 23, 2022
Brunssum, The NetherlandsNAPMAEngineeringRetrofit OfficerG17PMI21Jan 28, 2022
Geilenkirchen, GermanyNAEW&C Force GKOperationsSenior Technician (Propulsion)G10210717Jan 24, 2022
Brunssum, The NetherlandsNAPMASecurity PolicySecurity and Information Assurance Officer SIA01G17SIA01Jan 28, 2022
Shape, Mons, BelgiumSHAPEProcurement and PurchasingSenior Contracting OfficerG17OSC BXAS 0050Jan 23, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQOperations and Maintenance of HeadquartersMechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Installations Lead - EMG15210991Jan 30, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQSecurity PolicyHead, Security and Policy Oversight Branch - NOSG22210994Jan 23, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQDefence InvestmentAssistant Secretary General, Defence InvestmentUncl211003Feb 20, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQDefence PlanningAssistant Secretary General, Defence Policy and PlanningUncl211004Feb 20, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQDefence InvestmentAgencies’ Coordination Officer, Defence InvestmentG11-G15211010Jan 25, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQEngineeringOfficer, Operations and Strategic Capabilities - NORG20211000Jan 23, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrationDirector, Intelligence Production UnitG23211005Jan 30, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAOperationsTechnical Documentation Manager, LW-2 (Geilenkirchen)G1001/2022Feb 07, 2022
Shape, Mons, BelgiumSHAPEHuman ResourcesBranch Head (SHAPE Civilian Personnel)G20220003Feb 14, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumIMSPrinting and GraphicsGraphics DesignerG10220001Feb 20, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPALogisticsJunior Technician (LA-89)G1003/2022Feb 09, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumIMSCommunicationsPrincipal Engineer (Communications Service/Spectrum Policy)G20220002Feb 27, 2022
Brussels, BelgiumInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrative SupportSecretary Assistant Current Operations Section, OPSG8-G10220006Feb 13, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAOperationsConsultant – Technical Expert (Camp Deployment and Management), CO-22051G15-G17CLT/SOC/01/2022Mar 01, 2022
Capellen, LuxembourgNSPAEngineeringConsultant – Senior Expert (Civil, Mechanical Engineering), CO-22065G15-G17CLT/LB/02/2022Mar 01, 2022
Versailles, FranceNSPA, Central Europe Pipeline Programme (NSPA/CEPS)OperationsSenior Project Officer (Operational Technology), CE-47G1704/2022Feb 16, 2022
Shape, Mons, BelgiumSHAPECyber DefencePrincipal Analyst (Strategic Information Sharing)G20220034Feb 20, 2022

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