NATO Through Time podcast – A transatlantic alliance with former Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller

  • 05 Jul. 2024 -
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  • Last updated: 05 Jul. 2024 17:58

The NATO Through Time podcast dives deep into NATO’s history, reflecting on how the past influences the present – and future – of the longest-lasting alliance in history. This episode features Rose Gottemoeller, who served as Deputy Secretary General of NATO from 2016 to 2019, and who was the first woman and second American to hold that position.

A transatlantic alliance with Rose Gottemoeller | NATO Through Time Podcast Ep. 3

Why is NATO important for the United States?
Are we in a more dangerous nuclear situation than we were during the Cold War?
What is the credible path back to peace in Europe?
What was the significance of serving as the first woman and only second American Deputy Secretary General of NATO?

In this episode, Rose Gottemoeller reflects on her time as NATO Deputy Secretary General during a pivotal time for the Alliance. She discusses her previous experience working on arms control policy in the US State Department, shares her opinions about Russia’s nuclear sabre-rattling and her thoughts about the role of the United States in NATO and the strength of the transatlantic bond between Europe and North America.

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