A Note on Remembrance by Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

  • 11 Nov. 2020 -
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  • Last updated: 21 Jan. 2021 13:18

All Nations remember their losses in war and conflict in different ways. Regardless of faith, creed, history or geography, I am struck on all my visits to Allies on the common humanity of all serving members of the Armed Forces of the Alliance as we show respect for those who went before, who gave their lives, or who were wounded or affected by conflict and war.

6.11.2020. - Rīga, Latvija. Vizītē Latvijā ierodas NATO Militārās komitejas priekšsēdētājs ģenerālis sers Stjuarts Pīčs (Stuart Peach). 
Ģenerālis sers S. Pīčs tiekas Nacionālo bruņoto spēku komandieri ģenerālleitnantu Leonīdu Kalniņu, lai pārrunātu starptautiskās un reģionālās drošības aktuālos jautājumus. NATO Militārās komitejas priekšsēdētājs piedalās svinīgajā ziedu nolikšanas ceremonijā Rīgas Brāļu kapos.
Foto: Gatis Dieziņš (Aizsardzības ministrija)

I have been privileged to lay wreaths, show respect, understand special places of remembrance and talk to sailors, soldiers, air personnel and marines. This experience had reinforced my view that, through deterrence, military forces seek peace and reflect national pride through shared experience between Allies and solidarity to the spirit of collective defence enshrined in our Alliance for over seventy years.

For many Allies November marks the season of Remembrance. This year – 2020 – we add the losses caused by the pandemic to our thoughts and prayers whilst we remember – across the Alliance – how much effect our collective Armed Forces have achieved in helping and supporting healthcare professionals, in keeping the deployed forces of the Alliance safe and secure, in working with Allies and Partners to move and share medical equipment and, in my view – crucially – remind ourselves as we did in major wars and conflicts of the importance of military medicine.

So as we reflect on Remembrance, we should also reflect on today – we are stronger together.