La Suède va rejoindre la Force de réaction de l'OTAN et participer à l'exercice Steadfast Jazz

  • 14 Oct. 2013 -
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La Suède va rejoindre la Force de réaction de l'OTAN (NRF) et participer au plus grand exercice de l'Alliance depuis sept ans, Steadfast Jazz, le Conseil de l'Atlantique Nord ayant approuvé la contribution de ce pays le lundi 14 octobre. « Je salue la participation de la Suède, aux côtés de la Finlande et de l'Ukraine. Notre relation est déjà forte, et cette participation va la renforcer davantage », a déclaré le secrétaire général de l'OTAN, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

A Swedish JAS 39 Gripen in flight. Photo: Sergeant Johan Lundahl/Swedish Armed Forces

Sweden has offered to send staff officers to exercise Steadfast Jazz 2013. With the approval by NATO Allies, the Nordic nation becomes the third partner country to join Steadfast Jazz, alongside Finland and Ukraine.

Steadfast Jazz will be conducted in a number of locations across the Alliance in early November, with the largest elements being hosted in Latvia and Poland. It is the culmination of a series of demanding exercises designed to test and certify the NRF, NATO’s rapid-reaction formation.

The NATO Response Force is the spearhead of this Alliance: a rapid-reaction group able to defend any Ally, deploy anywhere, and deal with any threat. Exercise Steadfast Jazz will make sure that the spearhead is sharp, and ready to use,” the Secretary General said.

The NRF is made up of land, air, naval and special forces units committed by NATO nations for a twelve-month period. Partner coutries can contribute to the NRF once their participation has been approved by the North Atlantic Council and the forces designated meet the required NATO standards. They reinforce the contribution of NATO Allies to the NRF, but do not replace them.

NATO’s Connected Forces Initiative, launched by the Secretary General, foresees a reinforced programme of exercises in the coming years – and reinforced cooperation with partners.

Over the past 20 years, NATO and our partners have stood shoulder to shoulder in our operations. We have learned to work as a team. The Connected Forces Initiative will make sure that that team keeps on getting better,” the Secretary General said.

Sweden has offered substantial forces to the next four rotations of the NRF, including aircraft, ships and land forces. Sweden is thus the fourth partner to join NRF, following Finland and Ukraine, who will make forces available for the NRF in 2014, as well as Georgia, who offered to contribute to the NRF in 2015.