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Science for Peace and Security

What we fund


SPS Grant Mechanisms

The SPS Programme develops and implements practical cooperation and enhances dialogue between NATO nations and Partner countries through capacity-building and security-related science technology and innovation. 

All Programme activities contribute towards the Alliance’s strategic objectives, have a clear link to security and respond to at least one of the SPS Key Priorities. 

The SPS Programme supports collaboration through three established grant mechanisms. Interested applicants must jointly develop a collaborative activity within one of these mechanisms led by project directors from at least one NATO country (NPD) and one Partner country (PPD).

  • 1. Research & Development Projects: Multi-Year Project (MYP)

    With a typical duration of 2-3 years, the MYP grant mechanism enables scientists from NATO and its Partner countries to collaborate on applied research and development (R&D) and capacity building projects that result in new civil science advancements with practical application in the security and defence fields.  It provides equipment, training and support to young scientists.

  • 2. Research Workshops: Advanced Research Workshop (ARW)

    With a duration of 2-5 days, the ARW grant mechanism allows for advanced-level discussions among scientists and experts from different countries in order to identify direction for future actions to address security challenges.

  • 3. Training Courses: Advanced Study Institute (ASI) and Advanced Training Course (ATC)

    With a duration of at least 7 working days, the ASI grant mechanism offers high-level tutorial courses organized to convey the latest developments in science and innovation to an advanced (PhD level) audience.

    With a duration of 5-7 working days, the ATC grant mechanism enables specialists in NATO member countries to share their security-related expertise with trainees from NATO’s Partner countries.