• Last updated: 10 Nov. 2023 09:47

Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme

Managing SPS grants

On this page, you may find management and visual identity guidelines for SPS Multi-Year Projects and Events (Advanced Research Workshops, Advanced Training Courses and Advanced Study Institutes).
The information below is intended for:

  • Beneficiaries of SPS grants, as a reference for the management of ongoing activities;
  • Potential applicants, as a source of information about documentation required to develop and manage an SPS activity.

Guidelines for the management of SPS activities are regularly updated. When developing a new application in response to a call for proposals, it is essential to download and refer to the most recent guidelines. Applications that fail to meet this requirement will not be considered for funding

Management of SPS Events

Management of SPS Multi-Year Projects

Visual identity guidelines

Beneficiaries of the Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme are required to comply with specific visual identity guidelines for their communication tools. These visual identity guidelines must be applied to all communication tools (publications, posters, websites, letterheads, notepaper, etc.) produced in the context of activities supported by the Programme, and comprise a signature SPS banner.
Download the SPS visual identity guidelines below:

  • Visual identity guidelines in English
  • Visual identity guidelines in French
  • Visual identity guidelines in Russian
  • Visual identity guidelines in Ukrainian

Download below our graphics packages, which include banners, letterheads and presentation templates to be used in the context of any activities supported by the SPS Programme.