• Last updated: 24 Apr. 2020 09:04
Young Professionals Programme

Selection process

The entire selection process for the Young Professionals Programme takes place online and it consists of three stages: an initial assessment and two selection stages.

  1. Initial assessment

The initial assessment is carried out based solely on the submitted application(s). Only successful candidates will be invited to the next stage.

  1. First selection stage

The first selection stage consists of three parts:

  • Game-based assessment - evaluating a set of skills necessary for the advertised positions;
  • Online video interview – answering a limited number of questions by recording your responses;
  • Short online written test – answering a limited number of job-related questions in writing.
  1. Second selection stage

The second selection stage consists of four parts:

  • Online written test – answering job-related questions in writing;
  • E-tray exercise – simulating an inbox based on a business scenario;
  • Language test – taking a multiple choice test to demonstrate your level of English or French, depending on which language you are less proficient in;
  • Online interview assessing knowledge and competencies in an online setting.

More information about the application process and the stages above will be shared with successful applicants prior to testing.