• Last updated: 08 Jun. 2018 11:48

Political Affairs

Work areas

  • Policy analysis
  • Security policy
  • Legal

NATO is a political and military alliance, and political consultations serve as the basis for all of NATO's work. Their support to the enduring bond between European and North American Allies is crucial to global peace and stability. Political Affairs at NATO continues to reinforce our political unity and solidarity and to broaden and deepen our consultations to address all matters that affect our security.

Careers in the Political Affairs area focus on facilitating dialogue among Allies in order to find consensus on NATO's policies and strategies. These jobs work to promote dialogue between NATO Allies and partner countries on political, defence, innovation, and security issues in order to exchange information, build trust, and prevent conflict. Roles in this field are also responsible for providing high-quality analysis and advice on political developments around the world to senior NATO leadership.

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