• Last updated: 27 Sep. 2022 17:00


Types of opportunities in this job family:

  • Information systems
  • Information and communications technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emerging and disruptive technologies

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous systems, advanced manufacturing, biotechnologies and quantum technologies are changing the world, and the way NATO operates. These and other emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs) present both risks and opportunities for NATO. That is why the Alliance is working with multiple stakeholders to develop and adopt new technologies, strengthen the Allied innovation ecosystem and maintain NATO’s technological edge.

NATO’s innovation activities currently focus on nine priority technology areas: artificial intelligence (AI), data, autonomy, quantum-enabled technologies, biotechnology, hypersonic technologies, space, novel materials and manufacturing, and energy and propulsion. NATO needs experts to develop and advance specific plans for each of these key technology areas. These strategies are laying the groundwork for the Alliance to accelerate responsible innovation and the rapid adoption of data and modern technologies, in order to enable data-driven decision-making and steer transatlantic innovation for defence and security in accordance with Allied values, norms and international law.

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