Jens Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General

  • Last updated 17-Oct-2023 16:57
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Under Mr. Stoltenberg’s leadership, NATO has responded to a more challenging security environment by implementing the biggest reinforcement of its collective defence since the Cold War, increasing the readiness of its forces and deploying combat troops in the eastern part of the Alliance. NATO has also stepped up its efforts in the fight against terrorism. He has also long advocated for increased defence spending and better burden sharing within the Alliance, and a greater focus on innovation. He strongly supports developing partnerships, with cooperation between NATO and the European Union reaching unprecedented levels during his tenure. Mr Stoltenberg has rallied international support for Ukraine as it resists Russian aggression, particularly since Moscow’s full-fledged invasion in 2022. NATO has seen three rounds of enlargement during his term, with the accession of Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Finland.

Before coming to NATO, he was the UN Special Envoy on Climate Change from 2013 to 2014. He has also chaired UN High-level Panels on climate financing and the coherence between development, humanitarian assistance and environmental policies.

As Prime Minister of Norway, Mr. Stoltenberg increased the defence spending and transformed the Norwegian armed forces with new high-end capabilities and investments. He also signed an agreement with Russia on establishing maritime borders in the Barents and Polar Sea, ending a 30-years dispute.

Mr. Stoltenberg was also Prime Minister during the deadly terrorist attacks, which killed 77 people in Oslo and Utøya on 22 July 2011, urging in response, "more democracy, more openness, and more humanity, but never naïvete".

Mr Stoltenberg holds a postgraduate degree in Economics from the University of Oslo. After graduating in 1987, he held a research post at the National Statistical Institute of Norway, before embarking on a career in Norwegian politics.

2005-2013: Prime Minister of Norway
2002-2014: Leader of the Norwegian Labor Party
2000-2001: Prime Minister of Norway
1996-1997: Minister of Finance
1993-1996: Minister of Industry and Energy
1991-2014: Member of Parliament
1990-1991: State Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment
1985-1989: Leader of the Norwegian Labour Youth

Jens Stoltenberg was born in Oslo on 16 March 1959. He is married to Ingrid Schulerud. They have two adult children.