International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN)

  • Last updated 27-Oct-2010 14:49

The International Board of Auditors for NATO’s main mandate is to provide the North Atlantic Council and the governments of NATO member countries with assurance that common funds have been properly used for the settlement of authorised expenditure.

Guided by three core values - independence, integrity and professionalism - the International Board of Auditors for NATO strives to be the respected voice of accountability within NATO. 

What are its tasks and responsibilities?

The Board is responsible for auditing the expenditure incurred by NATO.  The Board conducts several types of audits:

  • Financial audits of NATO bodies result in an audit opinion on the presentation of the financial statements and on the compliance with budgetary authorisations and applicable regulations.
  • Performance audits are carried out to evaluate the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the activities and operations of NATO bodies.
  • NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) audits cover the expenditure made by NATO bodies and member nations under the NISP.  The audit results in the certification of the final amount charged to NATO.

How does it work in practice?

The Board is composed of six Board Members, appointed by Council for a four-year, non-renewable term.  Board Members are usually members of their respective national audit institution or government officials with audit experience.  They have independent status and they report to the Council.

The Chairman of the Board is appointed by the Council for a two-year term.  The Board is assisted by auditors and secretarial staff with NATO International Staff status.