Multinational capability cooperation

  • Last updated 15-Feb-2019 11:40

To carry out its missions and tasks, NATO needs Allies to invest in interoperable, cutting-edge and cost-effective equipment. To that end, NATO plays an important role in helping nations decide how and where to invest in their defence. The Alliance also supports Allies in identifying and developing multinational cooperative projects to deliver the key defence capabilities needed for Alliance security.


  • NATO is helping Allies to identify, initiate and advance opportunities for multinational capability cooperation in key areas such as air-to-air refuelling, ammunition, maritime unmanned systems, command and control, and training.
  • The aim is to drive down costs through economies of scale while improving operational values through increased commonality of equipment, training, doctrine and procedures.
  • NATO Allies and partner nations have initiated several High Visibility Projects (HVP), which are being developed.
  • NATO works with the European Union to avoid duplication and ensure complementarity of efforts.

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