Statement by the Secretary General on the end of the NATO mission in Pakistan

  • 01 Feb. 2006 -
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  • Press Release (2006) 009
  • Issued on 01 Feb. 2006
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  • Last updated: 03 Sep. 2009 10:43

Today, the NATO mission to help the people of Pakistan, after last October’s terrible earthquake, has come to an end. Our personnel have left the affected zone around Bagh, on schedule.

Since the Pakistani Government requested NATO’s help, over 160 flights from Europe have brought almost 3,500 tons of relief supplies, including tents, blankets and stoves, to Pakistan. NATO helicopters lifted over 1,700 tons of relief in-country, and moved over 7,600 people. NATO medical units treated more than 8,000 patients. NATO engineers have cleared roads, and built schools and shelters.

On behalf of the North Atlantic Council, I would like once again to express my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragic earthquake. I thank the Government and the people of Pakistan for the warm hospitality they showed NATO personnel during these very trying days. And I congratulate the NATO personnel, who performed this unexpected and unprecedented humanitarian mission with professionalism and compassion.