Landslide risk assessment

  • 05 Dec. 2011 -
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  • Last updated: 09 Nov. 2011 11:43

Landslides are a major natural hazard in Turkey and Moldova as they often result in the destruction of infrastructure, buildings and sometimes even the loss of life. The geological, geomorphologic and climatologic similarities between these two countries allow the research teams to join their expertise and knowledge with the aim to make urban development and regional planning in Moldova safer.

Researchers from Hacettept University, Beytepe/Ankara, and from the Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chisinau, are focusing on the following objectives: 1. to develop a reliable methodology for assessing landslide risks by applying remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS); 2. to prepare a landslide inventory and database showing landslide characteristics; 3. to produce landslide susceptibility maps and models for territorial planners and decision makers.

Work is expected to be conducted over a three-year period (March 2009-March 2012) when the results will be transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova, Civil Protection Service that will disseminate the recommendations to appropriate governmental agencies and local administrations.