Visit to NATO of the President of Azerbaijan

  • 29 Apr. 2009 -
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  • Press Release (2009) 059
  • Issued on 28 Apr. 2009
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  • Last updated: 28 Apr. 2009 13:33

1. The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, will visit NATO on Wednesday 29 April 2009.

2. The Secretary General will meet with him bilaterally and will then chair a meeting of the North Atlantic Council with the Azeri President. Opening remarks by the Council Chairman and the President will be transmitted in the Carrington Press Room of NATO Headquarters. TV networks and photographers who wish to cover the opening of the Council are invited to contact the NATO Press office before 17h00 on Tuesday 28 April.

3. A joint point de presse by the NATO Secretary General and the President of Azerbaijan will be held mid-morning after the Council meeting at the main entrance (expected time: 10h30).

4. For further informations, please contact the Press Office at the number below.