Informal meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Oslo, Norway

  • 31 May. 2023 - 01 Jun. 2023
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  • Last updated: 30 May. 2023 09:20


An informal meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs will be held in Oslo, Norway, on 31 May- 01 June 2023. The meeting will be chaired by the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg.


The ministerial meeting will take place at the Oslo City Hall, Rådhusplassen 1, 0037 Oslo.

The Media Centre will be located in a temporary construction, at Rådhusbrygge 1. This is also where the media accreditation office will be located (see map at the end of the advisory). 

Press conferences will take place nearby, at the National Museum, entrance at Dronning Mauds gate 2, 0250, Oslo. To enter the National Museum, media representatives will have to go through the Media Centre.

These locations are reachable by public transport. The closes station with public transport is "Nationaltheateret". Please note no parking facilities will be available to the media, except for satellite vans.


Media accreditation is now closed. Media representatives who have successfully been accredited will have received confirmation by email. Please bring a printout of the confirmation email when collecting your badge.
Accredited media representatives should collect their media passes in person from the Accreditation Office. They will need to show the same ID card or passport that they used to register for the event.

The Accreditation Office will be open as follows:

30 May     09:00-17:00
31 May     09:00-18:00
01 June     06:00-14:00


Media passes must be visible at all times. Security personnel may ask to see another form of ID. Media representatives should plan to arrive with sufficient lead-time to clear security checks. Security personnel will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried onto the site.

Accredited journalists will have free access to the Media Centre, outdoor stand-up positions and press conferences at the National Museum.

Accredited journalists who want to cover the doorsteps will be escorted by security and subject to additional checks. They do not need a pool card. More information is available under 'Doorsteps' below.

With the exception of doorsteps, all other events at the ministerial venue (Oslo City Hall) will require a pool card and media will be escorted by security. They will need to go through additional security checks to enter.

Accredited journalists who want to leave the security perimeter will need to undergo a security check when they return to the Media Centre (via the Accreditation Office).


The detailed programme will be available a few days before the meeting on the NATO website.

Information about individual ministers' media programmes should be sought directly from their national delegation(s). A list of NATO delegation press officers is available by email at NATOMediaOperations[at]


A Host Broadcaster will cover all public elements of the meeting (including doorsteps, public opening remarks and the press conferences of the NATO Secretary General). These will be broadcast live in the media centre, on the NATO website and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.

Live satellite feeds of the main media events will be provided by NATO free of charge without encryption or downlink charges. The video and audio can be used only for appropriate news and public affairs uses.

After each event, the videos will be available for free download from NATO Multimedia; photos will be available on the NATO website.

The host broadcaster will provide a folder including drone footage and stockshots of the city of Oslo for free use.


Access to certain media moments will be managed in media pools, by invitation only. These include the Ceremony at the Memorial for the 22 July 2011 Acts of Terrorism and the social dinner at Akershus Castle on 31 May as well as the official photo and other events at the Oslo City Hall on 01 June. The full list of events managed by pools will be available in the ministerial programme, a few days before the meeting. Please email before 31 May 2023, to request pool access.

Pool cards will be distributed at the Information Desk in the media centre on 31 May 2023 from 15:30 to 16:30.

Media representatives who accept a NATO pool position must share immediately all information and material collected while in the pool with any accredited media that request it, at no charge and with no restriction on the use of the material for news purposes.

Media organisations that want pooled images should first contact the wire service / photo agency of which they are a member / client. Media representatives and news organisations must identify that it is pooled material every time it is used. Pooled material can only be used for legitimate news purposes and it cannot be sold.

Pool movements will take place between the Media Centre and the meeting venues. The pools will be escorted by security officers.


Doorsteps will take place on 01 June from 07:45 to 09:00 CET. The doorstep area is located inside the Oslo City Hall.

Only journalists accredited for this meeting will have access to the doorsteps. They do not need separate pool cards to cover the doorsteps.

Journalists will be escorted from the Media Centre to the doorstep area and back.

Movement from the Media Centre to the doorstep venue will take about 20 minutes, including security checks. If you want to cover doorstep opportunities, please ensure you have picked up your accreditation, are at the meeting point (Information Desk of the Media Centre) and are ready depart according to the schedule below.

Journalists will be escorted to the doorstep location from the Media Centre (Information Desk), and back. The following escort and departure schedule will be maintained:

  1. Group 1 – departure from the Media Centre at 06:30
  2. Group 2 – departure from the Media Centre at 06:45
  3. Group 3 – departure from the Media Centre at 07:00
  4. Group 4 – departure from the Media Centre at 07:15
  5. Group 5 – departure from the Media Centre at 07:30
  6. Group 6 – departure from the Media Centre at 07:45
  7. Group 7 – departure from the Media Centre at 08:00
  8. Group 8 – departure from the Media Centre at 08:15

Return from the doorstep location to the Media Centre will be a continuous flow, depending on demand.

Space in the doorstep area is limited. Measures may be taken to ensure that as many media representatives as possible have access to the location (e.g. by asking people to return to the Media Centre to free up space for others).


The Media Centre will be open as follows:

31 May     07:00-20:00
01 June     06:00-17:00

The Media Centre will have the following facilities:

  1. A filing centre (including TV/radio editing area), with electricity (230V), access to video and audio feeds, cabled and Wi-Fi internet. Working spaces cannot be booked in advance;
  2. Information Desk;
  3. Internal Television Circuit for live and recorded broadcasts, information about the program, press conferences schedules and other information;
  4. Indoor stand-up positions;
  5. Catering.

Outdoor stand-up positions with attractive visuals of Oslo will be available to accredited media around the media centre.

Press briefings will take place at the National Museum. Please note the following:

  1. Media representatives will be able to get a clean feed from the Host Broadcast in the Media Centre.
  2. Media representatives will be able to get sound through XLR in the different press conference rooms.
  3. Media representatives can use the WiFi set up for the production. There will also be cabled network points available in the press conference rooms as well as the Media Huddle Area.
  4. The in-house production will be using wireless microphones during the press conferences at the National Museum. As a consequence, there will be restrictions on the use of wireless microphones and earpieces. No wireless microphones or earpieces will be allowed inside the press conference rooms.
  5. Wireless microphones and earpieces can be used outside the rooms if they adhere to the following criteria:
      • Maximum transmitter power 10mW
      • Legal frequencies:
      • 510-518 MHz, TV26
      • 582-590 MHz, TV35
      • 670-686 MHz, TV46
      • 738-742 MHz, TV54
      • 742-750 MHz, TV55
      • 750-753 MHz, TV56
      • 1,9 GHz
      • 2,4 GHz
  6. Wireless microphones or earpieces outside these areas will need to be switched off.

Please note that space for satellite vans will be limited; if you plan to bring a satellite van, please write in advance to broadcast.nato[at]

There are no parking facilities for the media on site.

Media representatives who would like to bring bulky equipment in the media centre and store it there overnight, can do that on 30 May, after picking up their media accreditation badges. There are no lockers for media on site. Equipment will left at the owner's risk and has to be displayed in a visible location. Bags will need to be left open and available for security checks.


Media should make their own arrangements.


Overall Coordination
Ms Irina Novakova – NATO Media Coordinator, NATO
Telephone: +32 (0)2 707 1003

Ms Iselin Hebbert Haukaas - Media Coordinator, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Telephone: +47 95 89 81 69

Ms Louise Reid
Telephone: +32 (0)  2 707 1008

Broadcast arrangements
Mr Bart Vandendorpe
Telephone: +32(0)2707 3578

Host broadcaster

NATO  Video on demand
Telephone: +32 (0)2 707 12 27

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