NATO Summit

Madrid, Spain - 28, 29 and 30 June 2022

  • 28 Jun. 2022 - 30 Jun. 2022
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  • Press Release (2022) 100
  • Issued on 16 Jun. 2022
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  • Last updated: 26 Jun. 2022 17:10

2nd MEDIA ADVISORY – 16 June 2022


  1. Spain will host a NATO Summit in Madrid on 28, 29 and 30 June 2022. The meetings will be chaired by the NATO Secretary General, and will take place at RECINTO FERIAL IFEMA MADRID, at Avenida del Partenón 5, 28042 Madrid (Spain).
  2. An international Media Centre will operate at the same location from the 27 to 30 June 2022 for accredited media. On 28 and 29 June, it will stay open around the clock.
  3. The only way to access the Summit venue is through the Media Accreditation Office, located at Calle Ayacucho, S/N, 28043 Madrid, (40°28'11.0"N 3°38'12.4"W), in the High School I.E.S. Gabriel García Marquez.
  4. All updates will be posted on the NATO website: Updates will also be posted on twitter @NATOPress and @NATO.
  5. Comprehensive information about the Summit is available on the NATO website, including details about the programme and media logistics. Please check the NATO website and twitter accounts (@NATOPress and @NATO) for updates.
  6. Media representatives must comply with the COVID-19 measures in force in Spain at the time of the Summit. The current measures are outlined here.


  1. Journalists who need a visa to enter Spain are responsible for making their own arrangements. More information is available on the webpage of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


  1. For questions on the substance of the Summit, decisions, priorities and significance, please contact the NATO Press Office at, or phone +32 2 707 5041.
  2. For questions on media operations, please contact
  3. For accreditation, please email  


  1. The Summit media programme is available online here. Please watch for updates.
  2. A pre-summit press conference of the Secretary General will take place on 27 June, at NATO HQ. More details to follow.
  3. Information about social events related to the Summit (e.g. spouses programme) and events organized off-site will be available from the Spanish authorities.
  4. National bilateral events are not a part of the official Summit programme. Please contact the delegations concerned. A list of delegations’ points of contact on media issues will be available at the Information Desk in the Media Centre.


  1. Journalists need special accreditation to cover the Summit in person. An annual NATO accreditation badge or other accreditation documents will not give access to the Summit. The Accreditation Office is close to the Mar de Cristal metro stop, easily accessible by public transport and/ or taxi.
  2. To seek accreditation, journalists need to register via NATO’s media accreditation platform: See: Instructions on creating a profile and using the system.
  3. The deadline to apply for media accreditation is Monday 20 June 2022 at 23:59 (CEST - Brussels time). For security reasons, late applications are unlikely to be successful.
  4. NATO will confirm the accreditation by email, at the email that was used to register. Once their accreditation is confirmed, journalists should pick up their badge in person at the Accreditation Office - Calle Ayacucho, S/N, 28043 Madrid, (40°28'11.0"N 3°38'12.4"W) - in the High School I.E.S. Gabriel García Marquez). The Accreditation Office is easily accessible by public transport (metro, taxi).
  5. To receive their accreditation pass, journalists need to show a valid national ID (passport or ID card, preferably the same which was used for accreditation) and a valid national press card (or accreditation letter from a recognised media organisation).
  6. The Accreditation Office will be the only point of entry and exit for the NATO Summit Media Centre.

Opening Hours of the Accreditation Office and Media Centre

Media Centre
Accreditation Office
Saturday 25 June
11:00 - 14:30
Sunday 26 June
14:00 - 20:00
Monday 27 June
9:00 – 21.00 for set up
09:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 28 June
8:00 and continuously
09:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 29 June
06:00 - 17:00
Thursday 30 June
continuously until 22:00
06:00 - 12:45
Friday 1 July
only for equipment pick up



  1. The Media Centre is located at IFEMA. It can only be reached via the dedicated shuttle bus service departing from / returning to the Accreditation Office. Media representatives will not be able to get to, or exit the Summit venue by other means.
  2. The shuttle bus service to and from the Accreditation Office will operate continuously during the opening hours of the Media Centre. Only accredited media will be allowed to board the shuttle bus.  Media representatives will be required to wear masks while in the shuttle bus.
  3. When coming first to the Accreditation Office, media representatives should foresee at least  30 min for in-processing, transport to the summit venue and security checks.
  4. Security will be tight during this event. Please arrive early, with enough time to clear security checks and random sweeps, and comply with the instructions of security staff.  
  5. Bulky equipment can be brought in by appointment on 27 June, and picked up on 1 July. Scroll down for details.  


  1. The Media Centre will offer:
    • A general working area, including TV and radio editing areas. Office furniture, electricity (230V with European plug sockets), TV screens for CCTV will be available throughout.
    • A press conference area, including positions for informal media huddles and briefing rooms of different sizes.
    • An information desk and access to the NATO and Spanish media teams.
    • Catering area.
    • Outdoor and indoor stand-up area (outdoor view - Summit backdrop placed on the Media Centre building; indoor positions with a view to the filing area)
    • Satellite vans parking
    • Video feed (BNC termination) of the live programme signal. The format of the programme signal will be HD1080/50i with embedded audio and translation channels.
    • Wi-Fi and wired internet throughout the Media Centre and at the stand up positions.
  2. A fully equipped TV studio wired for live transmission is also available (only for engagements with leaders). Booking requests can be sent to
  3. Wi-Fi and wired internet and video and audio distribution points will be available at the Media Centre and media facilities. Pool positions will have mobile connectivity.
  4. Working space in the Media Centre’s general working area does not need to be pre-booked and can be used on first come-first-serve basis.
  5. Spaces in the editing area need to be booked in advance. To book TV / radio editing booths, please email
  6. Outdoor and indoor stand-up positions (equipped with power, ambient light, internet connectivity and cover against bad weather) can be booked in advance by broadcasters who plan for continuous live coverage. Please email to reserve, by 20 June 2022.
  7. Fully equipped live positions can also be booked for shorter intervals at commercial rates via the host broadcaster or other companies (Eurovision, APTV, Overon, etc.)


  1. Media coverage of some summit events will be pooled.  Pool opportunities will include: arrivals, doorsteps, public opening remarks at meetings of the North Atlantic Council, the official photo, etc. Press conferences of the Secretary General will be open to all accredited media.
  2. Pool cards will be distributed by NATO, based on specific requests by media and within the space available. Media with largest coverage from countries participating to the Summit will have priority.
  3.  Only photographers and videographers will be part of the pools covering the opening remarks of the meetings and the official portrait. For doorsteps, access will be possible also for correspondents.
  4. To request access to pools, please email Journalists who will have received confirmation for from NATO will be invited to retrieve their pool cards at the Information Desk [on 28 June].
  5. Please see the first media advisory (paragraph 24) for the rules on use of pool content.
  6. The participating Heads of State and Government may hold their own press conferences in the Media Centre. If those are open to all media, time and location will be announced on the CCTV.
  7. Further details about national media plans can be sought from the national delegations.


  1. All pools will leave from the “Meeting Point”, in the Media Centre. Departure times will be communicated in the detailed media programme. Transfer to and from pool positions will be organised by NATO and Spanish media staff.
  2. National delegations may have different arrangements for escorting media to and from bilateral meetings and national press events. Please discuss those with the national press officers concerned.


  1. The Host Broadcaster, Overon, will deliver a single high quality HD/SDI signal (1080i50 audio embedded) live to the Media Centre for all Summit media events, free of charge. Multiple live signals will be provided of key moments, such as arrivals, the official photo, doorstep remarks and press conferences. The feed will be available without added graphics or text inserts.
  2. In the editing booths, the format of the programme signal will be as origin, HD1080/50i with embedded audio and translation channels - 4 BNC termination outputs with the 4 HOST signals. There will be also a multi-view screen with the 4 feeds.
  3. The live programme signal will also be aired on closed circuit television screens throughout the media centre and Summit site, via the NATO website, and via satellite.
  4. Technical details regarding the transmission and downlink will be available here
  5. Broadcast-quality B-roll will be available for free download from the NATO Multimedia Portal. Journalists need to register to the portal to be able to download videos: For more information, contact
  6. Transcripts of the Secretary General’s public remarks, as well as pictures taken by NATO photographers will be available on the NATO website.
  7. Support on the ground can be provided by:


  1.  Accredited representatives from broadcast media can bring bulky equipment to the Media Centre on 27 June (for appointment please contact
  2. Broadcasters can park satellite vans in the outdoor car park near the Media Centre, approximately 300 meters from the stand-up positions. Prior notice of arrival and space needs should be sent to by 20 June 2022
  3. Satellite van accessibility and security procedures need to be completed on 27 June. Their departure would only be possible after 16h on 30 June.
  4. Satellite vans will have access to electrical power and wired internet. TV teams should bring their own cables to connect to the electric network. The primary feed will be available at this location.
  5. Limited fibre connection from the editing booths area and interior stand-up positions to the satellite vans parking will be available. Specific requirements and technical questions can be sent to


  1. A number of public events during the Summit, including the Secretary General’s press conferences, will have live interpretation in multiple languages. Details will be available in the media programme.


  1. Food options, soft drinks and coffee will be available at the Media Centre throughout its opening hours. Journalists will need to pay for their own food and drinks. All credit cards and payment in cash will be accepted.


  1. On 28-29 June 2022, during the Summit, NATO will also organise the NATO Public Forum, in cooperation with the Elcano Royal Institute, the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Munich Security Conference and the Atlantic Council of the United States. The NATO Public Forum will include several conversations featuring Allied Heads of State and Government, Ministers and international experts from allied and partner countries. Discussions will include a High Level Dialogue on Climate Change, and also feature the key themes of the NATO Summit in the perspective of the Alliance’s new Strategic Concept.
  2. The event will also be livestreamed on NATO’s YouTube channel and the live feed will be available in the Media centre. More information on the event is available here.


  1. Please send your enquiry to the appropriate email address:

NATO Summit Media Coordination
Ms Alina COCA –

Spanish Media Coordination
Mr Julio M. Fenoy Muñ

Media queries on substance and interview requests:

NATO Press and Media –
Spain / Presidencia del Gobierno –