NATO continues its efforts to enhance Ukraine’s resilience

  • 14 Feb. 2022 - 15 Feb. 2022
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  • Last updated: 15 Feb. 2022 12:04

On 14 and 15 February 2022, NATO and Ukraine held a workshop on national resilience at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. The workshop brought together experts from Allied countries and Ukraine to discuss and help strengthen Ukraine’s National Resilience System. This is part of NATO’s broader and long-standing cooperation with Ukraine in the area of resilience.

NATO and Ukraine workshop on national resilience

At Ukraine’s request, NATO provides technical advice to support the country’s long-term resilience and civil preparedness activities. A NATO Resilience Advisory Support Team, approved by NATO’s Civil Emergency Planning Committee and made up of experts from Allied countries, is currently supporting the development of Ukraine’s National Resilience System. The two-day workshop focused on providing recommendations for Ukraine to take forward.

Deputy Assistant Secretary General of Defence Policy and Planning Division, Mr. Jörg See said: 

Ukraine has come a long way in building a national resilience system and supporting structures from the ground up. In this context, the forthcoming implementation of new laws on Critical Infrastructure, Territorial Defence and, of course, of the National Resilience System Concept will strengthen Ukraine's preparedness to respond to and recover from shock, stress and surprise.