NATO launches call for interns for 2022

  • 18 Mar. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 18 Mar. 2021 16:57

As an international organisation, NATO is characterised by diversity. People from different backgrounds and cultures, with different work styles and ways of thinking, work here. The Alliance’s Internship Programme offers opportunities to experience this international environment through a variety of fields including communications, finance, human resources, international relations, IT, law and political science. The 19th cycle of the programme opened on 17 March 2021 for placement in 2022. Applications will be accepted until 2 May 2021.

Enriching and professional

What are the benefits of a NATO internship? We asked some recent interns for their thoughts.

“My internship at NATO has been an incredible kick-start to a career in foreign policy and defence. Not only is it a fascinating mix of professionals from across the 30 Allied nations, but it’s also a wonderful example of civilian-military synergy, working together for the collective defence of the North Atlantic area. Having the chance to witness first-hand the symbiotic relationship between the International Staff and the International Military Staff while working for the Office of the Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Advisor (PASCAD) has been a fantastic opportunity, and equipped me with the tools to continue working in a career in international organisations and public service.”

“When I came to the Public Diplomacy Division, I was already excited by the experience to come. The internship was a challenging experience which definitely helped me to learn a lot while actively contributing to the work of my Division.
I was able to put my academic knowledge in practice and create connections among like-minded people. It was a great chance to prove myself and to continue my professional development.”

“Example is leadership,” as Albert Schweitzer once precisely described. This statement certainly holds true for the world’s leading intergovernmental defence alliance while providing freedom and security through both political and military means. My experience in the Budget, Planning and Analysis team was very broad and multifaceted: assisting and composing budgetary documents, conducting and evaluating performance management, liaising with different stakeholders and even participating in meetings with representatives of the Alliance. Through these experiences, you will receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply and develop your competencies in the fields of analysis, information, data and risk management. Don’t hesitate to become an exceptional example.”

A wealth of opportunities

The range of possible thematic orientations within NATO is broad. Graduate students with a background in aeronautics, engineering, graphic design, journalism, law enforcement, library science, or translation, might also be interested in a unique opportunity to gain international experience in the field of peace and security?

Although interns can occasionally stay on at NATO after the internship to complete ongoing assignments or take up full-time employment, some move on to other international organisations or national administrations. Whatever their long-term ambitions, NATO interns gain invaluable experience as they strive to achieve these ambitions.

To apply or learn more, visit the NATO Internship Programme page.