Coronavirus response: NATO delivers ventilators to Allies in need

  • 23 Oct. 2020 -
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  • Last updated: 23 Oct. 2020 14:58

NATO Allies decided on Friday (23 October 2020) to deliver 60 ventilators to the Czech Republic in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. The ventilators will be provided from the stockpile of medical equipment and supplies that NATO established to be able to provide immediate relief to Allies or partners in need.

Ventilator (Photo: Ministry of Defence of Albania)

The Czech Republic submitted a request for international assistance to NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) on 20 October 2020.

Several Allies have made donations of medical equipment to the stockpile. This includes ventilators from the United States and Hungary.

Throughout October and November 2020 NATO Allies Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia are receiving dozens of ventilators and a total of around 1, 5 Million EUR in medical supplies from the stockpile. This follows requests for assistance from the three countries to NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre.  The first 60 ventilators from the stockpile were delivered on 22 October to the Ministry of Health in Albania.

Several Allies have already made financial contributions to the NATO Pandemic Response Trust Fund, including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Slovakia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.