Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy participates in Belgrade NATO Week

  • 22 Jul. 2020 -
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  • Last updated: 23 Jul. 2020 12:24

On Wednesday (22 July 2020), NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, Baiba Braže, participated in Belgrade NATO Week, an annual event organised by the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Serbia and supported by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division. In an online panel discussion, the Assistant Secretary General addressed NATO’s response to the pandemic and its role in strengthening resilience against disinformation.

She spoke about the challenge of disinformation in the Western Balkans and the importance of facts-based communications in countering disinformation. “It is important for NATO to show the facts – that solidarity exists in our partnership. Serbia is an important country for NATO and we will continue to cooperate in the best possible way,” she said. Other participants in the event included Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić, Deputy Speaker of the Serbian National Parliament Vladimir Marinković, Serbian Chief of Defence Milan Mojsilović, Commander of KFOR Major General Michele Risi, and the Chief of the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade, Brigadier General Tommaso Vitale.