• Last updated: 29 May. 2012 15:36

Science for Peace and Security

Visual Identity Guidelines

All project partners participating in the Science for Peace and Security Programme are required to apply these guidelines to their respective communication tools. The visual identity comprises a signature banner which will be applied to all the communication tools (publications, posters, websites, notepaper, letterhead, etc.) created in the context of activities supported by the NATO SPS Programme.

The English Guidelines 1.708kb
The French Guidelines 1.872kb
The Russian Guidelines 1.657kb
The Ukraine Guidelines 1.658kb

Below you will find all the graphic elements required for your respective communication tools. While a number of these files can be used with standard office PCs, there are also a range of files in formats that require professional soft and hardware as used by designers, printers and web designers.


English Graphics 28.117kb
French Graphics 32.198kb