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Experts' Corner on Deterrence and Defence (The Cold War era)

The Experts' Corner provides a deeper look at NATO in history. Here you will find a selection of primary sources related to deterrence and defence during the Cold War.

Films and videos

Exercise Keystone
Exercise Keystone, held in Greece and Turkey from 1 – 5 September 1954, was NATO's largest manoeuvre that year.

Atomic Annie
Watch a simulation launch of a nuclear shell from "Atomic Annie", an American atomic gun, during Exercise Keystone in September 1954.

Exercise Indian Summer
NATO Exercise Indian Summer took place 22 – 26 September 1954 in the US zone of Germany at a time when it was still being questioned what role Germany would play in the Alliance.

NATO’s power for peace
NATO member armed forces work together to form an Alliance for peace and security.

NATO launches its first satellite
Watch NATO’s first communication satellite successfully launch into space March 1970!

Audio files

Dr. Jamie Shea was a prominent NATO official. Among his many responsibilities, he was Director of Information and Press and the face of NATO during the Kosovo crisis when he was NATO’s Spokesman. He also held the post of Deputy Assistance Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges. Jamie Shea continues to be very active in academic circles in Europe and North America.

1967: De Gaulle pulls France out of NATO’s integrated military structure
This third lecture in the six-part series “Jamie's History Class” explores the 1960s, when the Alliance was threatened by challenges from within NATO itself. Transcript

1979: The Soviet Union deploys its SS20 missiles
This fifth lecture in the six-part series, Jamie's History Class, explores how NATO survived the challenges of a post-Cold War Europe. Transcript

Other lectures in Jamie’s History Class series:

Declassified documents

Delve into NATO's strategic thinking from 1949 to today.

Speeches and articles